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Sonic Unleashed 2 is the sequel to Sonic Unleashed with a similar story.


Sonic and Tails are walking when suddenly, these dark, slimey, goopey creatures attack them. The leader tells them that they are the Gorral sent by Eggman to destroy Sonic. When one of the Gorrals opened an eye on his chest, a full moon comes up and, suddenly, Sonic turns into Sonic the Werehog and counter-attacks. Eventually, after a long battle, Sonic wins, but Eggman comes up from behind and snatches Tails, then he makes a run for it. Sonic is in hot pursuit when he gets ambushed by a bunch of Gorral troopers. After the fight, Sonic looks and looks but can't see Egman anywhere. He then realizes it was a trick so that Eggman could get away. Then Knuckles comes around and thinks he's some kind of monster and attacks. When Knuckles looses Sonic tells him what happpened. Then the sun rises but Sonic doesn't transform back. Knuckles then tries to believe he is Sonic then joins his team. When Sonic arrives at Metropolis the people there are scared. The General of G.U.N. then sees Sonic and sends troops to attack. After the battle, Sonic and Knuckles walk away and bump into Tails, who is shocked to see Sonic still Sonic the Werehog form in the brod daylight. He then tells them Eggman let loose of Tails, but he was able to make it all the way to Metropolis. Tails also tells them Eggman just attacked Saria Desert. The three go to Saria Desert to get rid of Eggman.