Sonic Heroes Godlike is a remake of Sonic Heroes with more levels and 2 new teams.

Teams Edit

Team Sonic

Team Dark

Team Rose

Team Chaotix

Team Horror: Nazo, Ashura and King Boom Boo

Team Human: Ella, Dr. Eggman, and Chris

Stories Edit

Team Sonic:Same as original

Team Dark:Same as original

Team Rose:Same but at end of the game they fight the Possesed Egg, which is The Death Egg possesed by Team Horror

Team Chaotix:Same as original but at end of the game they fight Team Human who accuses them of breaking the law.

Team Horror: King Boom Boo's grave has been destroyed. He gathers some of the greatest most powerful animals in the world to go and destroy Eggman because his machine ran over the grave. Final boss is the Egg Dragon. Optional boss is Team Rose.

Team Human: Team Chaotix has been thought to have broken the law so the police hire Team Human. Final boss is Team Chaotix.