Sonic Sagas, is a game that is based off of a dream HoshinoKaabi had once. The story is still incomplete, and will be updated.


Mephiles returns in the Future, Silver finds out, chases after him into the Past. Silver finds Shadow while looking, and Shadow joins him to stop Mephiles.

A new Continent is discovered, which is then refurbished by Mr. Ovum(Eggman), and he finds the Black Chaos Emerald there. Mephiles steals it, then Shadow’s shadow.

Sonic relaxing in the Snake Ruins Zone, sees Mephiles been chased by Silver and Shadow, he decides to follow.

They eventually meet Knuckles in the Turtle Cove Zone.

In the Lion Desert Zone, they fight Mephiles. And Tails is “killed” by the Chaos Snake.

They chase Mephiles to the Rabbit Parade Zone, not aware of Tails' death.

They refight Mephiles in the Dragon Plaza Zone, and learn of Tails' death. After Mephiles escapes, a yellow orb appears and goes into Sonic. Sonic then gets a vision of Tails running away from the Chaos Snake, and eventually been bit by it, turning him into yellow particles "killing" him. The yellow orb then starts calling out, "Sonic... Sonic..." Then is swept away in the wind.

Sonic figures that it was Tails' and proceeds to the Owl Sanctuary, where he finds information on Chaos Energy. After a battle with the Chaos Snake, he finds out that Tails' was turned into Chaos Energy.

Sonic and Silver head to the Bear Temple Zone, which is said to have the teachings of Chaos Energy hidden inside one of the temples. After a battle with Eggman, they find the teachings, and learn that Tails' can be revived by using the Black Chaos Emerald.

Meanwhile, Shadow is still chasing Mephiles, and follows him to the Beast Ocean Zone. He manages to grab the Black Chaos Emerald from him, but experiences mental pain, and drops it, which Mephiles gladly picks up. Mephiles says that only one with true evil can carry the Emerald, then runs off.

To be updated...


There are a total of 16 Zones in the game, most of them with 4 Acts.

Snake Ruins ZoneEdit

An attraction known for it's ancient Roman like ruins. Boss: Egg-Buros

Eagle Market ZoneEdit

A market place which has a Japanese theme. It is also known for it's Traditional Japanese Temple. Boss: Egg-Tengu

Turtle Cove ZoneEdit

A beach resort, with a Indian theme. Boss: Egg-Shell

Mantis Safari ZoneEdit

A safari attraction, wth an African theme. Boss: Egg-Beater

Lion Desert ZoneEdit

An Egyption like tourist spot. Boss: Mephiles

Rabbit Parade ZoneEdit

A Chinese like area with a parade going on currently. Boss: Egg-Rabbit

Dragon Plaza ZoneEdit

The central of the island, filled with many attractios. Boss: MaliceMephiles

Owl SantuaryEdit

Reinforced ancient Libraries filled with unknown knowledge. Boss: Egg-God

Bear Temple ZoneEdit

Aztec like ruins not yet opened to the public. Boss: Egg-Coatle

Beast Ocean ZoneEdit

The entire ocean surrounding the Island, and is a common cruise ship location. Boss: Malison Mephiles