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NiGHTMARE is a character in the upcoming Dare Colony: NiGHTMARE and Nightmare of the Night....


Nightmare of the Night...Edit

NiGHTMARE's first appearence. This game was announced at Super Seganon 10.

Dare Colony: NiGHTMAREEdit

The second game in the NiGHTMARE series and Dare series. Revealed at Super Seganon 10.


Once in the coast of Metropolis, there was a psycotic being codenamed, NiGHTMARE. He eventually escaped the Metropolis prison he was being held in and took the form of a living being. NM posed as the long-lost, 3rd brother to NiGHTS and Reala.


Nighmare of the Night...Edit

A psychotic being in the shape of a being similar to NiGHTS. He is a strong, fast, and sneaky being. He was imprisoned at the Metropikis Prison for many years. Untill one year he escaped. He now wanders Metropolis looking for his next victim...

Dare Colony: NiGHTMAREEdit



  • In his artwork, NiGHTMARE has red eyes. While in-game sprites show him having orange eyes.